A bit of history (because we like history)

Adhese goes back to 1998, to a small company named Doggybites – founded by Sven Marievoet and Tim Sturtewagen. Doggybites was at first solely dedicated to the development of websites. One of our first much notable projects was the launch of the website of Kamagurka, a Belgian comedian and painter.

The websites we developed in cooperation with Kama were cutting edge back then, with radio and video streaming and an advanced online community (even before social media was a hype in Europe). Furthermore, what’s more important: all of the websites were profitable through the use of ads. This would prove to be the starting point for what Adhese is today: a full-scale ad serving platform with extensive reporting, in-depth analysis and accurate forecasting.

Soon thereafter, we drifted away from developing websites and started to develop applications for specific customers as well. Our partnership with Corelio, one of Belgium’s major publishers, stems from this period. Corelio asked us to create a tool to manage their internal ads (and we delivered). And just a little while later, Corelio wanted a tool to manage and measure their whole online inventory. This cooperation pushed us even more towards the development of a tool to deliver online ads and deal with lots of data: the actual birth of Adhese.

The evolution of Adhese accelerated thanks to partnerships with Netlog and Hyves, two huge social networks dating from before the rise of Facebook. Both called on Adhese for handling their inventory and large amounts of user data – during their heyday. It enabled us to transform Adhese into a flexible ad serving tool, able to handle large amounts of data in real time.

Over the past five years, Adhese has released three major updates, each of them with a wider scope of possibilities for our customers. And that’s why we do it: because we love satisfied customers.

We are confident our journey is far from over.

For the past 10 years, Adhese has been mainly focusing on ad serving. We are currently expanding the possibilities of our technology: what is possible for ads is also possible for other online content. Adhese is not just a great ad server.

Our flexible content targeting platform with full ad serving functionalities helps publishers to match content and visitors, and the other way round. We help you to get your messages noticed in the ever-expanding sea of content and build a relevant online presence.

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