Connecting one or multiple Data Management Platforms (DMPs) to the Adhese ad server is easy. Several of our customers use third party data and profiling tools like Predicube, Cxense or Selligent. The data and profiling generated by these tools can be used for targeting in the Adhese ad server.


This feature isn’t limited to online data, even offline sources are easily integrated and can provide a valuable asset when targeting the right audience.

The cooperation between Adhese and DMPs works both ways. The data about inventory and visitors collected by Adhese can be sent back and be used to further enrich existing profiles or even create new target groups. The profiles or target groups that are sent to the Adhese ad server are checked in real time on their usability and viability. It is possible to play out several DMPs or profilers against each other in controlled tests.

All of this happens in a secured and controled manner: only the data the publisher wants to use is shared with the DMP and the data stream can be cancelled in short notice when needed. The connection with DMPs happens server side to guarantee a high level of security and control.

All data is available for forecasting of profiles and targets. Adhese offers forecasting for each and every individual target, so whoever is in charge of sales or planning knows exactly what’s available and what’s not at any given moment.

Can I use external data sources and profiling in Adhese? Of course you can.
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