Mediafin, publisher of financial newspapers De Tijd and l’Echo, starts using Adhese technology to schedule and deliver its native advertising and content marketing across its online channels. By doing so Mediafin streamlines and optimizes the publication of such content. Furthermore, the Adhese platform enables Mediafin to give its customers in depth reports on performance of each campaign.

Content Republic offers content marketing and native advertising for governements, organisations and businesses

Content Republic, the team of media experts and content marketers within Mediafin, starts working with Adhese technology starting January 18th. Content marketing and native advertising, where governments, organisations and companies spread tailor made content across Mediafins channels (like De Tijd, l’Echo, De Belegger, l’Investisseur, Netto, Sabato, Beurswijzer and Mon Argent) is becoming increasingly more popular.

Through the Adhese platform Content Republic can easily plan, publish and monitor these campaigns, while automatizing, streamlining and optimizing the processes involved. Advanced targeting options an in-depth reports on running and past campaigns are also included.

Dirk Vandekerckhove, Business Manager bij Content Republic: “Thanks to Adhese we can offer even better services to our clients. By dynamically planning their campaigns we are now able to offer them even improved visibility based on context, target audience or time period. The detailed, real time reports about reach and engagement allow us to optimize campaigns when needed. This way we are able to offer full transparency about campaign performance. Choosing Adhese allows us to be more flexible and thus more efficient.”

Mediafin relies on Adhese technology for native advertising
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