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Key Achievements:

  1. Adhese enables management of a highly diverse inventory that has developed organically, across different sites, domains, titles, applications and platforms.
    • Desktop
    • Responsive mobile
    • App for digital editions
    • Classifieds (hebbes, zimmo etc.)
    • Newsletters and mailings
  1. Multi-level login system and admin permissions allow central and decentralised departments to book campaigns with different priorities in the same inventory:
    • Commercial campaigns booked by general ad ops team to global inventory across various titles and sites
    • Regional and in-house campaigns by separate titles (internal ad ops), only booked to the title’s own inventory
  1. Data originating from various internal and external sources can be used simply and securely; possible for various departments to share data.
  2. Extensive reporting of current and past campaigns across the entire inventory, used for forecasting, planning, sales and invoicing.
  3. Asynchronous implementation loads several or all advertisements at once
    • Higher performance, ensures better surfing experience
    • More efficient approach possible for (responsive) developers
  1. Advertisements are loaded centrally and delivered by Adhese to the various sites and publications in the correct custom template.
  2. Mediahuis has experienced an increase of 190% in income from online advertising over the past four years (2011-2015).


Integration of an inventory that has developed organically into a single platform

Mediahuis is one of the largest and oldest Belgian publishers. The online inventory has developed organically over the years, along with the number of titles and publications.

The various parts of the inventory are not necessarily aligned with each other and are technically highly diverse (channels and devices, layout, look-and-feel, underlying systems). Mediahuis uses both standard IAB formats and its own custom formats for direct sales as well as in-house campaigns and RTB.

Example of the organic development of the inventory:

Takeover of Concentra’s publications by Mediahuis in 2014: during a six-month transitional period, the publications concerned were managed by the advertising agencies of both Concentra and Mediahuis. In practice, this meant that various formats were sold and filled by various parties on a single page. Both agencies used Adhese for this, which ensured correct data capturing and the delivery of advertisements. After six months, management of the entire inventory of the publications concerned was taken on by Mediahuis.

During every takeover, expansion or change, Adhese has ensured that the new or altered elements are integrated smoothly into the global inventory.

Step-by-step access to the inventory (layered admin permissions)

Mediahuis’s online inventory is extremely diverse: national, regional and local news sites, niche publications, websites with classified ads and job sites.

Various departments within Mediahuis are responsible for the content of the online inventory. All commercial campaigns are controlled by the internal advertising agency: Mediahuis Connect.

The in-house campaigns are managed by separate teams for each publication, which have limited access to the inventory. The impact of this multi-level access system is considerable: various formats, volumes and priorities need to be taken into account. Adhese ensures that all centrally and non-centrally booked campaigns are delivered correctly.

Complete workflow in a single platform

Mediahuis manages the entire ad ops workflow in Adhese: from product composition and pricing through sales and planning to forecasting and invoicing. Adhese’s metrics, data and reporting are crucial here.

The data that Adhese itself collects is automatically enriched and exchanged with the other data systems that Mediahuis uses (such as the CRM system or the behavioural tracking system). In this way, all the data is centrally available to anyone who needs it, for example for scheduling, sales, control and optimisation of campaigns. Mediahuis can use this data for specific targeting (for example based on socio-demographic profiles) and personalisation (of advertisements, but also of newsletters and mailings).

Some campaigns are uploaded and booked automatically by Adhese. This applies, for example, to the advertisements in the paper version of the different publications that are loaded automatically using the API.

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Mediahuis: Cross-device, cross-platform inventory management in a single platform
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