Adhese makes continuous innovative efforts and is always on the lookout for new or improved ways to make its ad serving platform more effective and efficient for its customers.

Let’s have a look at a number of recently introduced features.

Edit several bookings at the very same time

Adhese facilitates your ad serving workflow by offering the possibility to simultaneously adjust the delivery period, targeting and capping settings of multiple bookings. Just select the bookings you want to edit, click the appropriate button, and adjust accordingly.

Competition with RTB

An ad server usually offers an impression to a real-time bidding (RTB) system when no direct sale or in-house campaign can be delivered. This common implementation method is in contrast with the Gateway solution of Adhese.

The Adhese Gateway optimizes your online revenue from every impression as it empowers a real-time competition between your advertising inventory and RTB revenue.

Moreover, Adhese has made it easy to enable this competition by simply ticking a checkbox within the Adhese interface.

Additional creatives

It hardly needs saying that mobile is on the rise, and hence the diversity of display sizes – complicating the process of targeting different devices.

Adhese presents a solution to easily target a wide variety of display dimensions, called additional creatives.

Instead of creating a distinct creative for each screen size you wish to target, you can now create one main creative and append an unrestricted amount of additional creatives. A package with all creatives is send to the client. It’s up to the client to pick a suitable ad creative to deliver for the given display size.

Automatic screenshots

Advertisers like to have evidence that their ad campaign has been delivered in the advertising space they purchased. Traffickers take a screenshot in their browser and send it to the advertiser.

However, this manual process can be quite time consuming if an ad has been delivered in a multitude of positions. With automatic screenshots, Adhese eliminates this hassle.

Simply put, Adhese automatically creates a screenshot for each individual combination of a booking, creative, and preview URL – and makes them ready to view, update, and download.


With the improved alerts feature you can now create email messages that are triggered upon a certain event you determine. These events are based upon campaign variables such as price, booked impressions, delivery rate and click-through rate.

What’s more, is that the sent email is set up as specified by a template you create with a little bit of simple coding.

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New features to help you to get the most out of your campaign inventory
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