Adhese will make your business more profitable

  • Capture all usable data
  • Gain insight into your network
  • Gain insight into your visitors and their behaviour
  • Automatically bring up the best ad for every visitor at every moment
  • Combine various sources of income to attain the highest ROI

Our technology gives you the insight you need to get the most out of your inventory. With Adhese, you will be able to offer each individual visitor customised advertising and content and bring your in-house campaigns into line with your premium sales and real-time bidding. On the basis of your strategy, our platform provides every individual visitor with the material that will generate the greatest profit.

Adhese does not just create more profit, it also saves time, money and effort:

  • Your entire sales cycle (offer – sale – delivery – invoicing) in a single platform
  • Far-reaching automation: tasks such as uploading creatives and optimising campaigns no longer need to be performed only manually
  • No need for intermediate steps and middlemen: manage everything directly, quickly and efficiently on a single platform