SSP: Anyone with advertising space on their website(s) can sell it via direct sales or offer the space to ‘an advertising space seller’: a Supply Side Platform or SSP. This SSP will then look for a buyer for this advertising space. This can be done via various channels:

  • DSPs (Demand Side Platform)
  • Agencies
  • Brands or Brand Owners
  • Other SSPs

DSP: Advertisers can search online for advertising space (direct purchase), or they can offer their advertisement(s) to a Demand Side Platform that will look for online advertising space on their behalf.

RTB: Real-Time Bidding. This is the mechanism whereby advertising space is offered for sale in real-time. Different bidders indicate how valuable the visitor or impression is to them. Depending on the provider’s requirements for the advertising space, a specific bid is selected and the selected bidder’s advertisement is displayed. This auction and the sale of advertising space are completed within a few milliseconds.