Meet the Adhese Ad Server and discover how Adhese makes online advertising easy.

Forecast campaign delivery with a high level of accuracy and be armed with the necessary data to successfully create campaigns against the forecasted audience figures.

Adhese doesn’t serve your ads straight away without the consideration of any factor: Adhese presents a multitude of essential ad serving solutions that puts publishers in full control over campaign delivery – all from a single platform and across platforms and devices.

Your initiatives and efforts generate a lot of data to guide your strategy. Adhese offers an advanced reporting tool to easily get to the bottom of your inventory activity and campaign performance.

A quick, non-exhaustive overview of some Adhese features:

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Ad pricing models: Budget by thousand impressions (CPM), clicks (CPC), period (CPP), day (CPD), action (CPA), or a fixed cost
Ad dimension sizes: Support for standard IAB ad sizes and custom ad sizes
Ad types: JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF (or Flash), text, JavaScript, HTML5, MP4, FLV, MP3, MPEG ad types
API: Use the Adhese API to access inventory and performance data and to create and manage campaigns
ASAP: Deliver all at once and reach a volume goal as fast as possible
Behavioural targeting: Targets ads to visitors who show a greater level of interest for the product or service being advertised or the topic being written about
Benchmarking: Compare performance figures across your network, campaigns, bookings, and creatives
Channels: Target across a selection of web pages within a specific publication (ROS) or network (RON)
Click-through rate: Measure the number of clicks related to the number of impressions or unique visitors on the level of a campaign, booking, or creative
Clicks goal: Determine the maximum number of clicks to achieve for a campaign or booking over its duration
Client reports: Share information with your clients. Create client reports within the interface of Adhese and decide what information you want to share
Companion ads: Deliver multiple campaign creatives together at the same time
CPA: Budget a campaign the the cost per action, such as a download, information request, or newsletter subscription
CPC: Budget a campaign by the cost per click
CPD: Budget a campaign by the cost per day
CPM: Budget a campaign by the cost per thousand impressions
CPP: Budget a campaign by a cost per period
Creative preview: Preview any creative exactly as it will deliver in its context
Creative weighting: Rotate creatives and tweak the distribution of impressions between campaign creatives
Cross-device: Engage your audience and deliver campaigns across screens: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, …
Cross-platform: Reach your audience anywhere and manage traditional display inventory next to mobile web, in-app, video inventory, and more in a single platform
Custom formats: Create and design your own custom ad format or creative
Custom reports: Create custom reports for your unique strategy and needs
Dashboards: An easy-to-use dashboard with complete access to all aspects of your inventory. Create and publish campaigns in a matter of time, conveniently track your efforts and filter your data by publication, format, dates, campaign type, or one of the many other options available
Datamining: Pull data mining reports for a further analysis of inventory activity, campaign performance, and revenue building
Delivery methods: Distribute impressions evenly or all at once (ASAP), or set a percentage to reserve a portion of the expected traffic volume (SOV)
Delivery optimization: Adhese monitors campaign delivery and optimizes the delivery correspondingly. Adhese tries to finish all campaigns with the best possible result
Delivery reporting: Check if the delivery of a running campaign is still on schedule and determined to meet its goals and examine how delivering campaigns affect competitive ads
Device targeting: Segment your campaigns by device type (dekstop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, …), manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, …), web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, …), , and operating systems (OS X, iOS, Android, Windows, …)
eCPM: Report on the effective cost per thousand impressions and get an idea of what you would have received if the advertising inventory was sold on a CPM basis instead of another pricing model instead of an other ad pricing model (e.g. CPC or CPA)
Fill rate: Have look at the inventory volume you have sold
Forecasting: Forecast impressions for several targeting variables, specified dates, and inventory and successfully create and manage campaigns
Formats: Serve any ad format: from display to rich media, mobile, video, native, third-party, and custom ad formats. Additionally serve any ad type. From a companion Flash banner ad to a mobile static image to a third-party JavaScript ad – Adhese supports many combinations of ad formats, ad types, and platforms
Frequency capping: Apply a frequency cap at the campaign, booking, creative, or format level and select a time interval to reset the cap
Geography targeting: Target by cities, regions, countries, or custom groups (e.g. European capital cities)
IAB: Adhese is fully compliant with the guidelines of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
Impressions: Report on your traffic for a variety of dimensions and variables, such as dates, inventory, and targeting profiles
Impression goal: Determine the maximum number of impressions to deliver for a campaign or booking over its duration
In-app advertising: Deliver and manage in-app advertising campaigns on several mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone
In-house campaigns: Fill unsold inventory and promote your own products and service offerings with in-house campaigns
Mobile ad serving: Deliver and manage ads to your audience on mobile devices with mobile web and in-app advertising campaigns
Monitoring: Monitor and track your activities in real-time on comprehensive dashboards for all of your inventory, revenue, and performance data
Native advertising: Interrupt less by serving branded content or native ads
openRTB protocol: Expand your inventory from in-house and direct-sold premium campaigns to … everything. Adhese intelligently handles all your monetization opportunities and lets all your revenue builders compete with one another
Prioritization: Prioritize campaigns and determine the number of priority levels and their interrelationships
Profile targeting: Reach exactly the people you want to get hold of and target by audience variables such as age and gender
Reporting: Quickly obtain an informed and granular overview in the Adhese dashboards, extract additional reports from our data mining tool or request a custom report to gain additional insights. Adhese reports on a wide variety of dimensions (such as campaigns, creatives and devices) and performance metrics (like impressions, clicks, CTR, eCPM, viewability)
Retargeting: Target audiences on the basis of previously visited websites that do not necessarily belong to your inventory
Revenue optimization: Be it a direct-sold, in-house, or programmatic RTB campaign: Adhese optimizes your revenue and allocates your inventory to the highest performing demand source
Rich media ads: Expandable, push down, takeover, wallpaper skin, interstitial, floating, floor ads, … et cetera
Roadblocks: Deliver multiple campaign creatives together at the same time
ROS: Deliver across a selection of web pages within a specific publication
RON: Deliver across a selection of web pages within your network
RTB: Do you have a nice spot on your website where advertisers are fighting for or do you have some space left that needs filling? Connect with Real-Time Bidding demand sources and let them compete with one another for your traffic
Scheduled report delivery: Schedule the automated delivery of reports to your email address
Scheduling: Schedule your campaign to deliver by specific days and time intervals
SOV: Set a delivery percentage to reserve a portion of the expected traffic volume
SSP: Connect your inventory to SSP platforms and get in touch with a huge range of potential advertisers to buy ad inventory
Targeting: Effectively reach your audience and deliver relevant campaigns by using a set of different targeting variables, such as geography, keywords, technology, audience data, …
Third-party ad tags: Traffic third-party ad tags from multiple third-party vendors or external ad servers and networks
Unique visitors: Report on your unique visitors for a variety of dimensions and variables, such as dates, inventory, and targeting profiles
User logs: Consult each adjustment made by an individual user on the network, campaign, booking, and creative level
User management: Customize user access and control the permissions and restrictions of specific users or user groups
VAST: Easily empower video ad serving through any video platform with the VAST protocol
Video ad serving: Support for linear pre/mid/post-roll video ads, non-linear or overlay, companion, and in-banner video ads across platforms and screens
Viewable impressions: Did an advertisement had a true chance to be seen? Provide unbiased performance reports by reporting on the viewability metric
Volume goals: Limit the number of impressions, contacts, clicks, or events (such as a purchase or newsletter subscription) a campaign and/or booking may deliver
Yielding: Be it a direct-sold, in-house, or programmatic RTB campaign: Adhese gathers all demand sources and let them compete with each other in a simultaneous way and allocates your inventory to the highest performing demand source