The advantages of working with Adhese

We are completely independent. We develop and manage our technology in-house, provide dedicated support and tailor our services to the requirements of individual clients. We offer complete transparency and ensure that you always stay in control of your campaigns. When we say ‘your data is yours’ we really mean ‘your data is yours’. No exceptions.

  • Independent
  • Our own software, complete control of the technology stack
  • In-house support
  • Guaranteed ownership of data and data security
  • All your data immediately available for use
  • Secure, controlled data exchange with third parties
  • Data enrichment
  • Data mining and reporting
  • Proven scalability

Our technology allows you to create partnerships with third parties without any risk of data loss. Controlled, secure exchange and enrichment of your data are key priorities at Adhese.

Adhese has been the trusted partner of leading Belgian and Dutch publishers, agencies and advertisers for almost a decade. In these complex, multilingual and highly competitive markets, our technology had proved its efficiency time and again. Our in-house development ensures that our clients are always a step ahead of the market. We will be delighted to put our years of experience and expertise at your service as a strategic partner.