Technical Features

Implementation Guide

Adhese Gateway and Direct Ad Server

Gateway functions entirely server-side and keeps all client implementations as simple as possible to avoid exposing business rules and configuration. This allows for easy integrations in many different platforms and devices without the need for complex development.

Once implemented, no further client side changes are needed. Publishers can activate new demand sources, add or shape the data they share with their partners, set business rules, multipliers and even exceptions all through a centralised web application. These changes are executed instantly and do not need any intervention from webmasters or app developers.

Implementing for using Gateway features or Direct Ad Server features is the same. Below you can find links to the various repositories with examples and code.

Libraries & SDKs

Adhese offers an open-source JavaScript SDK for implementation in web based environments. The SDK can be used stand-alone, but also integrates with various existing JS frameworks and wrappers. Developers pick the parts they need to keep the code as lightweight as possible.

Adhese JavaScript Library on

Prebid Compatible

Gateway is available as a Bidder for both Prebid.js and Prebid Server and has been used in various custom wrappers made by publishers pr SSPs.

Prebid.js Bidder on

Prebid Server Bidder on

Native Mobile SDK

An open-source native Android and iOS SDK are freely available. Mobile apps can implement the Adhese instance as a pure API as well, giving them full control over the user experience.

Adhese for Android on
Adhese for iOS on

API implementation

Any publisher can implement their Adhese instance as a pure API, calling the ad server endpoints directly from their mobile app, CMS system, Connected TV app, ... In one request they receive campaigns for a number of placements that can be visualised according to the device and context.