Retail Media

What is Retail Media?

Retail Media is using media and data, generated by consumers at or near the point of purchase, for advertising and marketing purposes.

With media we mean all touchpoints, from the start of a customer’s journey to the final transaction. Some examples: e-commerce apps and websites, in-store screens and audio, physical ads in stores, sampling, self-scanning or check-in terminals.

All these touchpoints generate large amounts of data. Insights into that data drive retail media campaigns and lead to new forms of revenue for retailers.

Retail Media is the fastest growing segment in advertising, projected to be worth billions in the coming years and to become bigger than TV.

Why is Retail Media growing?

  • Audience
    Targeting based on 3rd party data is phasing out as a consequence of new privacy legislation. Retailers usually own the transaction and are less dependent on the threatened targeting methods for reporting performance.
  • Costs
    Advertising costs are increasing, profitability is declining and the power of Google, Amazon and Meta is growing, growing the need to spread digital campaigns across more platforms.
  • Extended Reach
    Growing need for additional, targeted channels to generate reach, partly due to declining numbers for linear TV.
  • Retail touch points growing
    Growth of (logged in) visitors of retail touchpoints and the subsequent growth of the reach of these (digital) channels. The 1st party data from retailers loyalty programs and their view on transactions allowing them to create effective shopper audiences.

Which choices are important to consider for retailers who want to grow their retail media?

  • Defining a strategy and business approach matching your capabilities
  • Setting clear and realistic objectives
  • Talk to and listen to the advertisers and their consulting agencies to understand their needs and develop relevant solutions
  • Build a talented, dedicated team
  • Find a technical partner who can help you build and grow your ambitions

How does Adhese partner with clients who wish to build and grow their retail / owned media?

  • Strategy: With 10+ years in adtech and 5+ years in retail media, we can help you build a solid market and technical approach to retail media supported by a realistic roadmap.
  • Tools/tech:
    We have developed a flexible platform that allows large media owners to manage monetisation, tailored to the needs of retailers and their advertisers.
    Our customers use Adhese to connect to more than 40 of the largest demand and data platforms, all within milliseconds.
  • Implementation: We understand what it takes to implement the right adtech solution, both technically and through training and supporting the users in their experience.
  • Insights: We support the generation of insights, which support benchmarking, performance analysis and further growth & propositions development