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Colruyt Laagste Prijzen optimised its marketing campaigns and workflow with Adhese. Both on their own website as on bought online media Colruyt is in full control of what each visitor sees.

About the client

Colruyt Laagste Prijzen is a Belgian retailer and is part of the Colruyt Group. Colruyt Laagste Prijzen compares its competitors’ promotional campaigns and special offers every day and uses this information to adjust its own prices. This means that Colruyt customers can always be sure of paying the lowest price.

Colruyt in control

Colruyt’s long-running campaign ‘Do I really need to compare every single promotion?’ provides targeted reinforcement to its ‘Lowest Prices’ baseline all across Belgium. Colruyt has purchased online media space (inventory) through Universal Media on the websites of the largest Belgian newspapers (internet and mobile). Colruyt uses the Adhese platform to independently place advertisements (rectangle ads) for its currently running promotions.

In practice

The campaigns are booked by Colruyt and then delivered by Adhese in the various formats available. Colruyt will subsequently decide where, when and to whom each promotion will be shown. Adhese’s analytics and reports enable Colruyt to monitor each campaign in real time and to adjust or modify it if needed. The tools offered by Adhese enable optimization of every campaign. Adhese enables Colruyt to use the purchased media space with a tremendous degree of flexibility. This means it is theoretically possible to post videos, articles or other content without any additional technical interventions. Targeting or capping within each publication is also possible e.g. by device, operating system, IP address. The advertisements shown are brought together centrally on a page on the online Colruyt network (landing page).

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