Advertising, Done Right

Adhese creates technology that levels the playing field for publishers and advertisers in digital advertising. We guarantee full control and transparency.

Your strategy is what matters. No hidden agendas, no conflicts of interest.

Programmatic and Direct

Adhese Gateway and Dale offer a digital advertising platform where efficiency, auditability and control are central. Publishers decide who gets access to media and data; they set the rules. Buyers benefit from accountability, transparency and flexibility.

The platform can be used for identity-based and anonymous advertising, depending on the legal and technical options for each pageview or ad impression. It supports web, mobile, audio, video, in-app, tv and outdoor, covering 100% of the media inventory and operates with any type of identifier.

Monetise Cookieless Inventory

Adhese provides a full stack alternative, designed to function without identifying users and fully operational on anonymous traffic.

This makes it possible to operate advertising sales, both direct and programmatic, on media where no cookies or other identifiers are available or where no consent was obtained.